Wordpress Setup with Remote MySQL Database

If you are trying to develop on a local machine and use the Database you dispose on Host Server you should: (This is possible only if your Host Allow MySQL Remote Access)

MySQL Prototype/Syntax to Create a Table for Testing with an Auto-increment ID Field

Some times is Not so easy Starting Out in MySQL Development just because there is Not an High-way Prepared to let you Run Quickly.

Here as my "first stone" to make the Developer Life "one plume" Lighter on MySQL I simply leave here a Ready-Made Table Prototype prepared in Rubish like Style.

This is a very simple "Fac-Simile" of SQL for Testing pourposes Fast Table Creation to execute at MySQL prompt:

Python MySQL Getting-Started on Linux

  1. Installation
  2. Connection
  3. Insertion
  4. Query


Prerequisite: Setuptools and Pip Installed for your Python platform

To Getting-Started working with MySQL in Python you need to have Installed the Module MySQL-python.

Python Module Installation "EnvironmentError: mysql_config not found" in Linux

This should due to Missing Development Libraries from your MySQL Installation.

In Debian like in Ubunt you can easily resolve this probleme by installing the Package:

sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev

After you can provide to Successfuly install MySQL Module for Python with:

MySQL Select Where Like to Search Data with Patterns Matching

In MySQL you can Easily Search and Find the need Data using the SELECT, WHERE and FIND Commands.

Here Below is Described Step-by-Step How-to Looking for Data on a MySQL Table.



Now if you want to Know More look to:

  1. To Show up the Tables on Your MySQL Database:

MySQL Import csv Data from File

  1. You Login into the MySQL Server like:

  2. At the MySQL Prompt you Insert something like:

    LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/path/To/File/data.csv'
    INTO TABLE your_table_name
    (field1, filed2, field3);

    The Field Terminator Depend from the Form of your CSV Data.

    The Line Terminator is Usually of type '\n' if you have a Line Break at the end of each Record.

MySQL Data Type of SET Syntax Create Table

This is an Example of the Syntax to use in Creating a Table with a SET Data Type Column:

mysql> CREATE TABLE myset (colOfSETTypeName SET('a', 'b', 'c', 'd'));

MySQL Data Types List

  1. Numeric Types




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