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Prepare to Install Python Modules with Setuptools and Pip


The Requisites to Install New Python Modules are at least to have the Python Setuptools Installed on your System.

To test if Setutools are present on your System, open a Terminal window and exec:

which easy_install

If Not look to this Python Tut -> Installing Setuptools

After to make your life eaven Easier you need to install "Pip" to take Care of Modules Downloading and Installing with Dependencies included.

If not sure check if Pip is already Present on your System by:

which pip

If you do Not still have "pip" you can Easily Installing it by:

sudo easy_install pip
Once pip Module is installed you are Ready to Install a moltitude Python Modules simply executing:
sudo pip install moduleName

Here you Find a Nice List of the Useful Modules:



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